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Industrial Stainless Steel Drainage

Stainless steel trough drainage is manufactured from corrosion resistant authentic stainless steel grades 304 or 316. These materials are uneffected by aggressive effluents and bacterial actions. ACO drainage systems from stainless steel are pickle passivated for the best protection.

Industrial style stainless steel troughs are manufactured for material properties, aesthetics and load characteristics. For drainage systems in food, kitchen environments Hygiene First product features should be added.

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Product Types

Modular 20 Stainless Steel Slot Troughs

Ideal in wash down application, or as a threshold drain between wet and dry areas. Limits water intake through the 20mm slot (3/4”) constrain the use of this product for high water intake but it has good load bearing characteristics. Available with built in slopes and waste trap outlets.

Modular 125 – Stainless Steel Grated Troughs

A practical, cost effective solution to stainless steel floor troughs. The 100mm (4”) clear opening of the trough utilizes many economical mass produced stainless steel grates. Available with built in slopes and waste trap outlets.

Modular 200 - Stainless Steel Grated Troughs

A larger capacity stainless steel floor trough system. Based on 172mm (6.75”) clear opening of the trough the product has a wide base to optimize drainage performance. Available with built in slopes and waste trap outlets.

Full Custom

ACO has the engineers and manufacturing expertise to offer drainage solutions manufactured from stainless steel. These solutions may require different widths, depths, loads or unique aesthetic features such as radii. Contact ACO for further information.

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