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QuARTz ACO Shower Drains

A designer range of linear and point drains for bathrooms. A variety of lengths and designs, including a tile insert, are available. Water activated lights complete the range.

  • QuARTz Premium – High end stainless steel channels with stainless grates. Custom lengths available on request. QuARTz Premium products are made in Germany and offer a level of quality unequaled by any competitive products in the market.
  • QuARTz Plus – High quality ABS plastic shower channel drains with grates made in stainless steel. QuARTz Plus products offer a modern, high quality product for renovation projects where budget constraints exist.

ACO Self - Products for the garden, landscape and home

ACO manufactures and markets surface drainage products for the home and garden. These products consist of grated trench drains and drainage basins made from a choice of plastic or durable polymer concrete and are available in different sizes to suit any drainage requirement. Bodies and grates are made from either plastic, steel or iron and will support a 5 tonne wheel load whilst keeping areas safe for many years.

  • PointDrain System - Complete range of grated drainage basins to suit all residential applications. Catch basin materials are available in plastic or strong polymer concrete for areas exposed to car traffic.
  • HexaLine - An innovative plastic trench drain with a variety of grates manufactured from plastic, galvanizes steel and stainless steel. Available with corner units and a plastic brickslot top for use with brick pavers.
  • Drainline 100 - A strong rigid drainage system for use in home and office areas. Channels are made from polymer concrete and supplied with a variety of grates made in plastic, galvanized or stainless steel. End caps and inline grated basins complete the system. Products are available in 100 mm wide metre units.
  • Drainline 150 - A strong rigid drainage system for use in home and office areas where vehicles commonly traffic. Channels are made from polymer concrete and are supplied complete with galvanized steel grates strong enough to withstand regular residential type car traffic. End caps and inline grated basins complete the system. Products are available in 150 mm wide metre units.
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